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Working From Home – Keep Safe At Home with First Reaction

Working From Home – Keep Safe At Home with First Reaction

Working From Home – Think of Your Safety

Once a popular workplace benefit, working from home has now become the norm for an estimated 50% of the UK’s workforce. And although many businesses had already embraced flexible working, COVID-19 meant large adaption’s for some.

Thankfully, remote working has allowed thousands of workers to remain safe from the dangers and spreading of the coronavirus.

At First Reaction, we care about your safety at home too. That’s why we’re urging you to learn your employer health and safety rights for working at home. As well as some tips on how you can stay safe at home as an employee.

Staying Safe at Home

Normally, employers are responsible by law for the health and safety of all employees, and this includes those working remotely.  With this being said – employers and employees should be practical, flexible and sensitive to each other’s situations whilst working from home due to COVID-19.

Here’s a quick rundown of employer and employee regulations whilst working from home.

Employer Responsibilities

During the coronavirus pandemic it’s highly unlikely that employers can carry out usual health and safety risk assessments to ensure you’re staying safe at home.  However employers should still check that:

  • Employees feel that their work can be carried out safely at home
  • They have the right equipment to work safely at home
  • Managers are in regular contact with their staff, ensuring they feel safe and not professionally isolated
  • Reasonable adjustment are made for any employees with a disability

Employers should also:

  • Speak to their workers about how to improve arrangements for remote working
  • Give support to employees that need help adjusting
  • Write down and take note of the agreed arrangement so everyone is clear

If changes are needed, employers are responsible for making sure they happen.

As we said earlier, you should be sensitive to your employer’s situation and vice versa. There are also some things that you can do to stay responsible and keep safe at home.

Top Tips for Staying Safe at Home

If you’re provided electrical equipment from your employer, they have a responsibility to ensure it’s fit for purpose and correctly maintained. However, electrical systems such as fuses and sockets are the responsibility of the home worker.

To minimise risks from electrical appliances and to keep all family members safe, remote workers should practice good housekeeping. For example, remove trailing leads, keep floor coverings secure and make sure to keep clear the area around your desk.  It can also be advised to make sure your pyjama bottoms don’t pose a tripping hazard and that you keep your iced mocha latte well away from your laptop!

In the circumstance that you do notice a fault with any electrical equipment you should report this to your employer straight away. This should be addressed urgently by your employer as electrical equipment problems can pose a high risk.

How First Reaction Can Help

Working from home is generally less risky than working in a normal office environment, however it is important to know the risks at home and what to do about them.  As lockdown began the Northern Fire and Rescue Services revealed a 50% increase in accidental home fires. 

NIFRS released the statistics that, showing that 101 accidental fires took place from March 2nd 2020 until April 5th.  During the same period in 2019 there were just 68 accidental fires in the home. Meaning a 49% increase this year during COVID-19.

At First Reaction we have developed an innovative range of fire safety products designed to protect you and your family members from home fires.

The Surface#Home Kit

Our Surface #Home kit comes complete with everything you need to keep safe, and to protect yourself in the event of a home fire.  This surface attached kit provides a discreet safety solution close at hand. Easily fitted onto any wall, it allows for quick and easy access with all items visible. 

The unit is light and easy to install, giving you instant peace of mind for emergencies within the home.


  • First Reaction Surface Unit
  • First Aid Guide
  • Fire Blanket
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fixing Kit
  • Instructions

The Surface #Cupboard

Cleverly constructed, the Surface #Cupboard kit houses all relevant equipment in one location. It is compact and light enough to be applied to the inside of any 600mm cupboard door. Not only is it space convenient, but the cupboard kit also provides you with everything you need to stay safe in the event of a home fire.


Coming Soon…

  • The Drawer#Pack
  • The Drawer#Vertical
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