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First Reaction:  First Home Improvements

First Reaction:  First Home Improvements

New Home Risk Assessment

Whether you’ve just bought a new property or decided to rent, moving into your first home is an exciting experience.  Besides a suitable number of bedrooms and a good sized living area, what else do you look for in a home and do you consider fire risk assessment?

Losing your home to a fire is an unpleasant thought and whilst accidents do happen, you can learn how to prevent fires from starting and spreading throughout your home.

We understand that fire prevention might not be at the top of your list when moving into a new home.  However at First Reaction we’re here to help, with everything you need for your first home improvements and all things ‘fire safety’.

Fire Safety with First Reaction

Home safety is an incredibly important issue, after all your new home should be your safe haven.  The first step to home improvements is being prepared and you need to have a plan in the case of fires and emergencies.

Whilst you unpack your moving boxes and slowly tick off the items on your to-do list.  A house fire will unfortunately not wait until you are prepared and ready to escape it.

First Reaction is fully equipped with everything you need to stay safe in your new home – From fire safety advice to our products which are fully equipped, can be entirely restocked and fitted wherever you need.

Protect Your Family and Home

We’re real people with real families and care about the things that you care about. This is why our range has been designed to protect you and your family, selling ‘peace of mind’. First Reaction has developed a host of innovative fire safety products which can bring a practical first line of defence in your new home.

Our units are cleverly constructed to suit your first home improvements and can house all the relevant equipment in one location. All of our kits also come with flexible “Surfaces” that can be easily applied to the wall of your utility room, garage, out building or even on the inside of a 600mm cupboard door.

Here’s what’s inside:

Fire Extinguishers

In the unfortunate event you need to tackle a fire in your home, a fire extinguisher is a crucial piece of equipment. Domestic fire extinguishers are designed to tackle small house fires or suppress them until help arrives.

Almost as important as having a fire extinguisher in your home, is knowing how to effectively use it. At First Reaction all of your safety equipment is compact and easy to handle. Our kits also come complete with fire safety guides which can prepare and assist you if you need to take emergency measures.

Fire Blankets

Another important item to have on hand in the home is a fire blanket. A large number of household fires begin in the kitchen and fire blankets can be used to prevent small fires from getting out of control.

Mostly used to deal with flammable liquids, this product cuts off the oxygen source and smothered the flames. It is most effective when dealing with small fires and those that may have been started by cooking fat and oils. It can also be ideal for those unfamiliar with using a fire extinguisher.

Kit Escape Plan Guide and First Aid

When it comes to fire safety in the home, having an escape plan can make all the difference. Household fires tend to spread quickly so knowing what to do can and will save lives.  Use our escape plan guides to plan your route and make sure everyone knows about it. This will help you to remain calm and get to safety as quick as possible.

Fires in the home, however small can prove severe. This is why all of our kits come complete with first aid equipment including a first aid booklet and a first aid  kit including burn dressings. Acting quickly means that you can help your family by reducing the risk of infection or the severity of injury.

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