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selling “peace of mind”

Our state of the art Emergency First Contact Stations feature a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, first aid kit and manual, ensuring you have the right equipment at hand for any emergency.

No matter your situation, no matter your location, First Reaction is always within reach.

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“I decided to install the First Reaction Surface unit in our utility room as a discreet and easy way to keep first aid supplies and a fire extinguisher on hand. I hope I never need it but it feels great knowing I have all the equipment I need if something were to happen.”

Joanna A
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“We've placed the First Reaction Surface in our rental properties. It brings all the mandatory products together in one recognised location. It’s easy to keep stocked only 10 mins to install. A great product!”

Callum G
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“This product is fantastic! Simple to install and really does give peace of mind. I've always had safety equipment in the house but now I know where it is and so does everyone else.”

Andy W