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As a supplier of Fire Safety products, here at First Reaction, we ensure we are ahead of the game with the latest technologies and developments in our industry. One of the latest breakthroughs in modern firefighting is the Watermist Fire Extinguisher.

This fire extinguisher is much safer than powder extinguishers, and as it uses one of our most natural resources (water), it is also environmentally friendly (and the extinguisher is 100% recyclable). Containing only de-ionised water, this extinguisher leaves no residue and will not cause water damage, therefore avoiding the costly clean up that comes after using powder, wet chemical foam and CO2.

By installing a watermist fire extinguisher you can reduce the number of extinguishers you keep on your premise as they cover multiple fire risks. The watermist fire extinguisher is exceptionally good at clearing smoke – an important feature as most people that die in fire related incidents do so due to smoke inhalation. The plume of water mist that is produced has a cooling effect that is excellent for protecting the user from the heat of the fire.

The Watermist Fire Extinguisher covers ABCEF classes of fire, great for reducing the risk of putting the wrong extinguisher on the wrong class of fire. Here are some other benefits:

  • LPCB Approved & CE certified to EN3
  • Kitemark according to BSI Class A & F
  • Suitable for use on Live Electric Equipment (<1000v/1m)
  • Extinguishers tested and free from Legionella
  • The mist curtain that forms during discharge is pure water – safer than inhaling CO2 gas, fluorosurfactants in foam and dust from powder extinguishers
  • Electrical equipment can typically be re-used after being sprayed with water mist
  • Can be sprayed on animals and people without causing harm

Changes to BS5306 advise that powders should not be used indoors and watermist products should be considered where suitable. As concerns about the safety of other fire extinguishers grow, we are taking seriously the search for new technologies that provide a safer way to protect against fire.

The watermist fire extinguisher is used in many locations: from hospitals, to hotels, to universities. If you would like a watermist fire extinguisher for your premise, or would just like more information on our products, please feel free to contact us:

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