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Fire Safety Equipment for Home: Surface Home

Fire Safety Equipment for Home: Surface Home

Here at First Reaction, our top priority is keeping you safe in your home in the event of a fire. All our products are developed to give you peace of mind if the worst should happen. We believe it’s mandatory to have fire safety equipment for home situations – such as our Surface Home kit. The content of this kit includes the basic essentials of fire safety: a fire blanket, a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, and a first aid guide.

The Surface Home Kit is ideal for those who want a discreet way of installing first aid items in their home and the peace of mind that a safety solution is always at hand in the case of an emergency. This kit is sized conveniently and light enough that it is ideal for any wall in any room, whether it’s your kitchen, utility room or even in the garage.

If you are letting your house, as a landlord it is your responsibility to make sure your house is equipped for fire safety. The Surface Home is the unit of choice for landlords, property management companies, and social housing associations that need to meet the mandatory requirements of having relevant emergency equipment visible and within reach within the kitchen area. Easy to install and easy to access, it is discreet but contains everything you need.

Fires In Your Home

It is so easy for a fire to break out within the home. Kitchens, by their very nature, are one of the easiest rooms in the house to catch fire, and present multiple fire hazards. There are numerous flammable liquids and several sources of heat from hobs, ovens, toasters and microwaves. It’s vital when using the kitchen that you don’t leave anything cooking unattended, don’t use anything that is faulty, and don’t allow any electrical appliances to overheat.

Aside from the equipment that we can provide you with in the Surface Home unit, there are several other items you should have built in to your house. Ensure you have a working smoke alarm (it should be checked at least once a month). You should also have a carbon monoxide alarm installed: carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless toxic gas, often only detectable by a functioning carbon monoxide alarm. You should also have a fire escape route that everyone in your home knows and is familiar with.

Additional Information To Keep Your Home Safe

For the rest of your home, here is some further fire safety advice:

  • Do not use damaged or frayed electrical cords
  • Do not plug too many appliances in to an electrical outlet
  • Never smoke in bed or on soft furniture
  • Do not cover heaters or stoves, particularly with anything that could catch fire
  • Close all doors at night and switch off all electrical appliances

Remember to be safe, don’t take risks, and make sure everyone in the house knows where the fire safety kit is kept. All items in the Surface Home unit are refillable and can be purchased individually. If you have any more questions on fire safety checks, how to carry out risk assessments – or any other products First Reaction can provide, feel free to contact us.

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