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First Reaction – Protect your Family and Home

First Reaction – Protect your Family and Home

Did you know that household fires claim the lives of over 200 people every year in the UK?

Every year, more than 37,000 household fires take place. In addition to fatalities, 7,300 are injured with one in ten victims being children. Despite these statistics, fire safety is not something we regularly discuss within the home. Whilst we might not want to think about the devastating effects of household fires, it’s important to know how to protect your family and home.

We believe that we’re all responsible for our own safety and that of our families. We understand the importance of keeping those we care about safe and when it comes to fire safety, being prepared is half the battle. That’s why at First Reaction we’re constantly working to bring families the most innovative fire safety protection and emergency equipment.

We’re real people with real families who care about the same things as you. We want to see emergency and basic fire fighting equipment in every home, close to hand, and instantly recognisable in the event of an emergency.

Our motto is “help within reach”. Every home should be a safe place, so let us help you protect your family.

Essential Emergency Equipment

Moving quickly and knowing exactly what to do in the event of a fire can save lives and protect your home and family. Fire safety prevention is the number one best method to keep your family safe, but if a household fires takes place you should know exactly what to do.

A huge part of being prepared for an emergency situation is having the proper fire safety equipment inside your home, and doing so will provide you and your family some peace of mind.

Here’s how First Reaction can help to protect your family with their essential emergency equipment.

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is a crucial tool in protecting your home. The small piece of emergency equipment is designed to tackle small fires or suppress them until fire and rescue arrive.

In order to work as an effective part of your home safety plan or to reduce fire risk, it’s important you know how to use an extinguisher before you need it. Our compact safety equipment is easy to handle, if you study our fire safety guides they will help assist you if you need to take emergency measures.

Fire Blankets

Many household fires begin in the kitchen and a fire blanket can prevent small fires from getting out of control.

Mostly commonly used in the kitchen, it acts by cutting off the oxygen and smothering the fire when placed over flames. It’s most effective when tackling small fires often started by cooking with fats or oils and is ideal for those unfamiliar with a fire extinguisher.

First Aid and Escape Plan Guide

When it comes to fire safety in the home, it is vitally important to have an escape plan in order to protect your family. Household fires can spread rapidly and by taking the time to make an escape plan, you can save lives. Make use of our Escape plan guides included in all kits and practice in advance. It will help you to remain calm and get to safety as quick as possible.

In the case of emergency and small fires, having a first aid kit at hand can make all the difference. Compete with a first aid booklet and a first aid kit – including burn dressings, First reaction’s product package means you can help your family by reducing the risk of infection or the severity of injury.

Product Range

Here at First Reaction, we care about the things you care about. That’s why all of our products are fully equipped, can be entirely restocked, and can be fitted wherever you need them to be.

Designed to protect your family and home – We have developed a range of innovative fire safety products which bring a practical first line of defence in the case of small fires or emergency.

Our units are cleverly constructed to house all the relevant equipment in one location. With flexible “Surfaces” that can be easily applied to the wall of your utility room, garage, out building or even on the inside of a 600mm cupboard door.

Bringing instant peace of mind to the any area.


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