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A Guide To Staying Safe at Home 

A Guide To Staying Safe at Home 

Protect Your Family

2020 has been a year like no other, and due to some unforeseen circumstances we’ve been spending a lot more time at home.  With that being said we’d like to think that this year has helped us realise what matters most. And at First Reaction we want to help you and your family stay safe at home.

Practicing fire prevention is the best method for staying safe at home. However accidents do happen and in the event of a home fire, being prepared is half of the battle. At First Reaction we work hard to bring you the latest in fire safety equipment and technology.

We believe that with the help of our products you can keep your loved ones safe and have ‘peace of mind’.

50% Increase in Fires Since Lockdown

It was revealed in April this year that Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue services (NIFRS) had seen nearly a 50% increase in accidental home fires. The statistics showed that 101 accidental fires took place from March 2nd 2020 until April 5th.  When compared to the same period in 2019, there were just 68 – meaning a 49% increase this year during lockdown.

The main causes of accidental fires during this time were cooking, electrical incidents and candles or matches.  Since last year we also seen a 33% increase in cooking appliance related fires, and electrical supply related fires have more than doubled.  What’s most worrying however is that the number of casualties has also increased by 48% during this time.

‘Peace of Mind’ With First Reaction

We mentioned earlier, being prepared is the best way to keep family members safe.  And, in order to do so you’ll need to have proper fire safety equipment in your home. At First Reaction our innovative products are designed for exactly that…

We’ve developed a range of equipment which can bring a practical first line of defence, in the case of accidental fires and emergencies. All of our units are cleverly constructed to house all relevant equipment in one convenient location. Each comes complete with a ‘flexible surface’ that be easily applied to the wall of your utility room, garage, out building or even on the inside of a 600mm cupboard door.

‘Innovative Product Range’

Here’s how First Reaction can help to protect your family and friends, whilst staying safe at home.

Fire Extinguishers

When it comes to staying safe at home a fire extinguisher is one of the most important tools.  This is why all of our kits come complete with a compact extinguisher, designed to tackle small household fires.

In order to work as an effective part of your home safety plan or to reduce fire risk, it’s important you know how to use an extinguisher before you need it.  Our compact safety equipment is easy to handle, and reading and remembering our included fire safety guides will assist you if you need to take emergency measures.

Fire Blankets

As we spend more time at home, kitchen and cooking related fires are on the rise. One really effective way to tackle these is with the use of a fire blanket. Fire blankets are designed to prevent small fires from getting out of control or to suppress them until fire and rescue arrive.

They work by acts by cutting off the oxygen and smothering the fire when placed over flames.  It’s most effective when tackling small fires often started by cooking with fats or oils and is ideal for those unfamiliar with a fire extinguisher.

First Aid Kit and Fire Escape Plan

To stay safe at home you’ll need both an escape plan and first aid kit. Escape plans are a crucial method towards keeping our family members safe, as knowing what to do will save time and lives. Each one of our home safety kits include an escape plan guide so that you can plan ahead.

First Reaction’s first aid kits should always be your go to in the case of small emergencies. They come complete with a first aid booklet and a first aid kit including burn dressings, to help reduce the risk of infection or severity of injury.

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